Frixos Papantoniou’s paintings contrive to do different things simultaneously. They are charged with movement and yet this movement is seized within a moment of time. Movement is created through the energy of intersecting diagonals and an exquisite network of geometry. However, at the same time the image is suspended, held tight by the way that everything is in sharp focus; rather like a photograph that freezes a movement or gesture and makes the familiar look new.

We look at Frixos’ paintings in the present and yet occasionally see through transparent layers at what took place before. These glimpses back in time reveal something of the paintings journey. The painting’s history is revealed in a variety of ways. At times just a whisper when the layer is almost opaque but elsewhere a previous area or experiment maybe left completely exposed like a gaping chasm, allowing you to look straight inside the picture.

Frixos has a keen eye and sees the poetry in the incidental products that help to make his paintings. The masking tape which he uses to delineate the shapes in his pictures and create those razor sharp edges has become beautiful sculptures and wall reliefs. Splattered by colour they celebrate the process of painting.

Frixos’ paintings make us aware of space and the quality of time; they excite the eye and lift the spirit.

Salvatore Rubbino